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We Are Hattenhauer.Net

Hattenhauer.Net provides websites and links to websites that are related to members of the Hattenhauer family.

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Maui Underwater Album 2010

What kind of content do we offer

Our content ranges from links to the sites of Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, etc. Authors often choose to make direct content pages that are of interest to their hobbies and interests. Some create pages about stories of fantasy, poems of fancy, photos of friends and pets. Your can do the same, or better create a totally new format for communicating with the universe.

Maui Old Lahaina Luau 2009Browse to our new content

We have content that has stood the test of time, also browse to the new content as well... comment back and watch the content change too. We have new albums in work now; for the recient trips and hollidays have afforded opportunity to add to the veriety of our pages. You too can contribute and change the site for the better.

Who Is Eligible

Any adult over 21 years of age, who is related to the Hattenhauer Family, who also agrees in writing to comply with the Network Solutions AND Hattenhauer.Net policies. Submit an inquiry to to the Publishing Team, and review the partnership requirements.Los Angeles Zoo 2009

Be aware that if you choose to partner with us in the production of the website that our small staff will attempt to assist you where and when possible. Network Solutions the service provider has some tutorials available with respect to the publication of content, However our staff are not as available as the tutorials. Note: The 'Site Theme' and advertisement coding will be impressed onto all content pages. This is to maintain a uniform appearence, and to provide for the continuation and expansion of the website services.

We have advertisments that are keyed to the content; for example the pages that have travel content may have Travelocity or another travel provider on them. These are used to offset the costs of the website, please patronize these providers

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